Corporate information

Corporate information

Our company is engaged in business activities mainly in the sales of menswear and related accessories. By developing community-based specialized chain stores, we are making a lifestyle proposal to our consumers. The main characteristics of our business activities are as follows:

  • President's address

    President's address

    It is a message from the Haruyama Holdings Inc. representative director president to you.

  • Corporate Summary

    Corporate Summary

    You can see about the corporate profile of Haruyama Holdings Inc.

  • Corporate History

    Corporate History

    You can see an old pace of Haruyama Holdings Inc.

  • Business Discription

    Business Discription

    I am developing active conduct of business by making sale of men's clothing and its related article into the main contents.
    You can see an old pace of Haruyama Holdings Inc.

  • Group Management Policy

    Management Policy

    It is possible to pierce through the business attitude which thought the customer as important, and to have much abundant brand-name goods in stock rather than the other company in the same trade.