president's address

President's address

People’s lifestyles, their behaviour pattern, their work styles and the values are becoming more diverse and the movement has been more accelerated nowadays.
Especially consumer behaviour patterns have remarkably changed. And Many companies and organisations are faced to break the old-fashioned business model in order to evolve.
Our industry is also in the midst of the trend and each company is competing to expand its business field in order to survive.
As our mission to supply the better valued items for our customers with more affordable prices, we have decided to focus our core concept rather than expanding the business domain.

“We want to support working people through fashion”

The business wear used to played an important role to make themselves looking smart as they want and encourage them in the workplace.
But the concept has gradually upgraded that it possibly fulfils themselves as emphasising their personality & comfortably. Those are big factors for purchase decision these days.

The most important thing for working people = Health

We embark on the new challenge of fusion of Fashion & Health as focusing on not just “Comfort”, but focusing on “Health to wear”.

We are not a big organisation, therefore we have successfully grown the our important culture to bring up the relationship with people.

We have been and will continue to devote all our energy to all our customers and employees, and to earnestly build up their achievements and trust.
This is our DNA and our unchanging stance.

We will continue to evolve in line with the new era, while properly selecting and strengthening what we should continue to do.

I will act up to my resolution, based on the philosophy of “Doing the right efforts and doing the right thing”
We will do our best to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.
We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Hiroaki Nakamura

Chief Executive Officer