Business description

Business description

Our company group is expanding our business activities focusing on the sale of suits and other related articles for businesspeople (men and women).
Through the expansion of our chain of specialty suit stores with close ties to the region, we propose lifestyles to consumers. The major features of our company's group in terms of its business expansion are as follows.

Come to Haruyama for Quality

The words "Come to Haruyama for Quality" are words we received from our many discerning customers, earning Oricon's 2015 No. 1 satisfaction ranking in Japanese suburban men's fashion specialty stores. At our company's group, we have an extremely expert command of distribution channels, achieving the development of new products with our large-volume procurement and joint development with domestic and overseas fabric manufacturers, among other things. Furthermore, while creating practical functionality, we pursue tailoring and designs with thorough attention to detail to offer comfortable but fashionable products with high quality at low prices. We continue to take our "tailor spirit" seriously and maintain our neutral starting point of "the customer comes first", and we believe that this is the source of our livelihood that continues to this day.

The steady Dominant Formation

Our company's group, which has opened many suburban suits specialty stores centered around western Japan under the name "Haruyama", has achieved a dominant formation around the country through our strategy of opening stores with a good balance of offence and defense by continuing to open new stores to cultivate new markets while simultaneously implementing periodic maintenance of our existing stores. Also, by aggressively opening stores in shopping centers at the same time, we are also advancing with opening stores in commercial districts other than stand-alone suburban stores and are working quickly to expand such stores.

Exploitation of Industries to Meet the Needs of the Times

In response to the diversification of lifestyles, values, and tastes, our company's group is always working to exploit new industries. Starting with "Haruyama", we have succeeded in exploiting the industries of "P.S.FA" "Foel", and in addition to these 3 pillars we will also focus efforts on the administration of "Morione", known as a suits department store, and the next-generation suits specialty store "HALSUIT', as well as casual lines such as "TETE HOMME".

We are Searching for Properties in Various Industries

Please contact us below if you can introduce or suggest any properties to us.
Haruyama Holdings Inc Store Development Department
TEL:+81-86-226-7114 FAX:+81-86-225-2709

Haruyama Trading Co., Ltd.

  • Haruyama


    The flagship shop of "Haruyama" suburban men's suit specialty store. The area west of Kanto is our main business region, and our stores feature a wide selection from suits, neckties to casual wear, and accessory items.

  • P.S.FA


    P.S.FA was created based on our desire to offer "the perfect suit".

  • Foel


    Please leave it to us if you require larger sizes!



    We provide suggestions for a new dress casual for adults' wardrobes.

Morione Co., Ltd.



    We offer a wide selection of products from casual to business and formal.

Mic Co., Ltd.

An advertisement agency that handles our advertisement work.